Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i drew these pictures of me


I am one of two mermaids in the world you might not belive in me but thats your problem

a mermaid

i am one of the 5 mermaids in the world my name is loanaise

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i am a mermaid

i am not lying i swear

this is a real mermaid i found

a mermaid

this is a mermaid i kept her face confidential and again i am one of the few mermaids she is my bffl


I am one of the few mermaids in the world. Being a mermaid is very hard and challenging.You have to stay away from full moons and lunar eclipses, but solar eclipses are good for mermaids it helps them get more powers. Mermaids have a tail, its invisible. The invisible tail makes you feet stuck together but all you see is legs stuck together. You can make your tail go away by drying yourself because your tail only sprouts when you touch water. You also have magic powers mine is changing things like causing bad and good things to happen. It is very hard to become one so watch out!!

Do you belive in mermaids?